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The aim within the UNITY Class programme is to provide an educational and therapeutic combined environment for children who require alternative curriculum pathways and/or require support in school readiness development. The therapists will work closely with the specialised class teacher in order to incorporate all academic and therapeutic goals into one setting for the child.

The final goal of the programme is to either assist children in graduating from the adapted education classroom and transition into the inclusive mainstream class, or continue with the alternative curriculum pathway stream throughout the school.

Working with and within the school setting and creating an environment where academics and therapy are linked, will assist in each child achieving social skills, communication skills, gross and fine motor skills, emotion wellbeing development, resilience and problem-solving skills, behavioural development and life skills.

It is vital that all parties involved with the child’s development are working together as a team to provide a platform for a child to succeed at a level that is conducive for the child’s abilities and wellbeing.