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Pediatric Behavioral Therapy

“Treating the child with respect is the first step to getting the child help”

Neuropedia offers the Best Pediatric Behavioral Therapy in Dubai. Behavioral therapy is a vital pillar of Pediatric Neuropsychological and Developmental management in children suffering with common behavioral disorders e.g. Autism, ADHD, ASD etc. Children with these disorders find it extremely difficult to develop social and communication with their peers and exhibit different behavior patterns poorly understood by lay people. These children need to have therapy that allows them to express themselves without consequences and then slowly build up their level of trust, and once this is built the child and families begins to learn the reasons for their behavior and how to deal with those situations as they arise.

Our Pediatric Behavioral Therapy offers evidence-based therapy to children with various Neuro-behavioral disorders which includes Applied Behavior therapy, Play therapy, Cognitive behavior therapy etc. Our therapists are well trained and have years of experience behind them in dealing with complex behaviors in children. The therapy program is designed by our Board Certified Behavioural Analyst (BCBA) and then applied by our registered behavioral therapists. Frequent Multidisciplinary meetings are held to ensure that the child is benefitting from the therapy. If there are substantial behaviors or emotional issues our therapists also help families with stress management strategies, relaxation training and teach coping skills using talk therapy.