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Behavioural / Conduct Disorders


To some extent, children are naturally rebellious and argumentative in behaviour, which subsides as they grow. But if with growing age, they become more aggressive, rash and violent, they might have conduct disorders.
Conduct disorder is a serious behavioural and emotional disorder which occurs in teens and children. Such children exhibit disruptive and non-social actions and have problems following essential rules of society.

Symptoms of conduct disorders

The symptoms vary from child to child, depending on the severity of the disorder. Therefore, the symptoms are majorly categorised into four subsections.

  1. Aggressive behaviour: This includes threatening and physical harming behaviours such as fighting, bullying, showing cruelty to animals, and using weapons.

  2. Destructive behaviour: This involves destructive behaviour with both self and others, such as causing vandalism and damage to property.

  3. Deceitful behaviour: It includes immoral, deceitful behaviours like compulsively stealing, lying, cheating, etc.

  4. Violation of rules: It involves breaking the rules and showing rebellious attitudes toward society, teachers and elders, like bunking classes, playing pranks, or becoming sexually active at a very young age.

Causes of conduct disorders

Although there are no fixed causes for conduct disorders, they may arise due to the following factors.

  1. Neurological problems including ADHD, depression, mood disorders, substance abuse, etc.

  2. Relationship stress between parents, their rude and ignorant behaviour with kids, bullying by peers or pressure to excel academically.

  3. Genetically passed behavioural and mental illnesses. Children born to mentally, emotionally, or psychologically oppressed parents have fair chances of suffering from the same or other types of emotional or mental disorders that bring out adverse behavioural changes.

  4. Low socio-economic status, fear of non-acceptance in society or among peers.

Diagnosis of behavioural and conduct disorders

At Neuropedia, we have child psychologists and behavioural therapists who accept referrals for thorough diagnosis and treatment for children’s behavioural disorders.
Our psychologists and board-certified behavioural analysts talk to the child and conduct behavioural assessments to diagnose behavioural disorders and their possible causes. Behavioural analysts also look for the signs of ADHD, depression and other mental illnesses.
Also, a personal interview is scheduled with parents to learn more about the child’s anomalous behaviour and when they noticed the changes. Our psychologist might also assess the parents to examine their mental, emotional and behavioural stability.
Once the comprehensive diagnosis is made, our behavioural analyst or expert will devise a customised treatment plan.

Possible treatments for behavioural disorders

The treatment plan is based on the child's age, tolerance to therapies and severity of symptoms. Our behavioural therapist in Dubai conducts the following treatment in suitable combinations to amend a child’s behaviour.

  1. Psychotherapy - It is a type of counselling in which our experts teach children how to express anger and emotional turbulences appropriately.

  2. Cognitive behavioural therapy - A therapy to reshape the child's critical thinking ability (cognition) and encourage their problem-solving skills, moral reasoning skills, anger management and impulse control.

  3. Family Therapy or Parents Management Therapy (PMT) - In this therapy, we teach parents ways to behave positively with their children, use positive reinforcement methods to improve their children’s behaviour and, most importantly, improve child-parent bonding so that they can trust parents and express their feelings without feeling rejected or unaccepted.

  4. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) - These are certain evidence-based therapies applied to develop the desired responses in the kid.

Why choose Neuropedia for behavioural disorder treatment of your child?

Neuropedia is the first and one of the best child neurology centres in Dubai. Our highly qualified and trained therapists are adept at diagnosing and treating children with various physical, psychological and behavioural disorders in the most compassionate way, bringing positive changes in them.
The holistic, inclusive and research-backed approach of our therapists is what makes us unique. We treat each child with the utmost care and patience, much needed to treat their unique conditions.
We understand your child’s welfare is your highest priority- and so is ours. For superior services and the best treatment of your child’s behavioural problems, trust our behavioural therapists in Dubai.