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Neuromuscular Disease Treatment

What are neuromuscular diseases?

Neuromuscular disorders affect the muscles, nerves, or neuromuscular junction in our body. It is genetically passed in children but can also occur due to congenital defects. These disorders cause weakness, body aches, and low muscle tone in different body parts.
Neuromuscular diseases are usually progressive in nature. But according to our team of doctors at Neuropedia, early diagnosis and treatment can slow down the progression rate and help build stability in the growing child.

Types of neuromuscular disorders

Some neuromuscular disorders include -

  1. Motor neuron disease - It affects the spinal cord and gradually causes numbness and debility.

  2. Congenital myopathies- These are a group of muscle disorders that occurs by birth.

  3. Metabolic myopathies- These are rare genetic diseases affecting metabolism.

  4. Spinal muscular atrophy- It is a fatal genetic disorder in infants caused by the degeneration of alpha motor neurons in the spinal cord.

  5. Duchenne muscular dystrophy-A type of muscular dystrophy affecting peripheral muscle.

  6. Myasthenia gravis- A type of neuromuscular junction disorder.

  7. Peripheral neuropathies-A disorder caused by damage to peripheral nerves. It may either be inherited or may develop later.

Symptoms of neuromuscular disorders

Parents with a family history of neuromuscular disorders must be vigilant of the following symptoms in their child.

  1. Limb weakness

  2. Muscle-coordination issues while walking

  3. Contracture of joint

  4. Numbness in body parts

  5. Delayed motor development

Early diagnosis and treatment


As discussed, these neuromuscular disorders are static and progressive, which means that once occurred, they cannot be reversed. However, an early diagnosis can break its progression rate, helping your child have a more normal life.
Our experts conduct evidence-based clinical tests that may include -

  1. CK-level blood test: It is a bio-marker blood test that measures the presence of CK or creatine kinase enzyme in the bloodstream. It is an enzyme that leaks from muscle damage and infuses into the bloodstream.

  2. Electromyography (EMG): It is a test that stimulates nerves and measures the electrical activity of nerves on external stimulation.

  3. DNA analysis- Neuromuscular disorders have fair chances of being passed genetically. The DNA analysis helps examine the source of the disorder and hence plan the treatment.

Possible treatments for behavioural disorders

The treatment plan is based on the child's age, tolerance to therapies and severity of symptoms. Our behavioural therapist in Dubai conducts the following treatment in suitable combinations to amend a child’s behaviour.

  1. Psychotherapy - It is a type of counselling in which our experts teach children how to express anger and emotional turbulences appropriately.

  2. Cognitive behavioural therapy - A therapy to reshape the child's critical thinking ability (cognition) and encourage their problem-solving skills, moral reasoning skills, anger management and impulse control.

  3. Family Therapy or Parents Management Therapy (PMT) - In this therapy, we teach parents ways to behave positively with their children, use positive reinforcement methods to improve their children’s behaviour and, most importantly, improve child-parent bonding so that they can trust parents and express their feelings without feeling rejected or unaccepted.

  4. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) - These are certain evidence-based therapies applied to develop the desired responses in the kid.


A comprehensive analysis report is collected from the diagnosis. Based on the diagnosis, the issues caused, and the progression rate, a combination of the following treatments can be offered to the child. Wheelchairs, standing frames, and mobile arm support to help the child move around.

  1. Braces to support the back affected by scoliosis.

  2. Physical therapy, comprising various stretching exercises.

  3. Medications and dietary supplements.

  4. Orthopaedic surgery is recommended for aggravated scoliosis and bones affected by muscular dystrophies.

  5. Our specialists are highly experienced, diligent and well-trained in conducting suitable therapies to alleviate and reverse symptoms of various pediatric disorders. So make a prudent decision for your child and consult Neuropedia for your child’s neuromuscular disease treatment in Dubai right away!