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Clinical Genetics

The Genetics Clinic at Neuropedia provides clinical care for children with genetic diseases. We provide clinical evaluation, genetic counseling, and genetic testing for children with suspected or confirmed genetic diseases.

The link between neurological disorders and genetic abnormalities has been extensively researched and proven. More so in the case of individuals with symptoms of a neurological disorder or those with a family history of such diseases.

Genetic testing can identify fluctuations in proteins, genes or chromosomes. Test results can either affirm or rule-out a genetic condition, and can ascertain the chances of the condition developing at a later stage or being passed on through generations.

Genetic evaluation aims to identify the genetic causes of diseases which can help in directing management, providing knowledge about the disease and its prognosis, and understanding the inheritance and recurrent risk. Additionally, certain disorders might not manifest until a child reaches adulthood, and genetic evaluation can spot symptoms before they appear to apply prevention.

The Genetics Clinics is run by Dr. Ayman El-Hattab, Consultant Clinical Genetics with three American Boards (Pediatrics, Clinical Genetics, and Biochemical Genetics (Metabolic)). Dr. El-Hattab has over 10 years of experience in the field of genetics.

Among the numerous genetic and inherited conditions that we provide care for are:

  1. Down syndrome and other chromosomal disorders

  2. Genetic and inherited syndromes

  3. Birth defects and congenital malformations

  4. Developmental delay, intellectual disability, and behavioral disorders

  5. Neurogenetic syndromes

  6. Metabolic disorders

  7. Mitochondrial disorders

  8. Skeletal dysplasias and growth failure

  9. Inherited and genetic hearing impairment and eye diseases