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Pediatric Physiotherapy

The Child Physiotherapy Programme at Neuropedia is a unique therapy service led by European trained therapists working in conjunction with Pediatric Neurologists to ensure that the child reaches his/her maximum potential. Our Child Physio Therapy programme offers the latest evaluation and treatment techniques to improve function and quality of life for children with a variety of diagnoses and disabilities. We run weekly Multidisciplinary meetings with all therapists to assess and ensure that the child is achieving the outcome set out at the outset of the therapy.

At Neuropedia we provide pediatric physiotherapy in a safe, child-friendly environment. Our therapists always involve parents in the decision making progress as it helps in child’s active participation in the therapy.

The common problems encountered and managed in our Physiotherapy service include:

  1. Muscle tone and Spasticity management

  2. Gross Motor skills development

  3. Posture and balance Management

  4. Motor coordination disorders

  5. Improving Physical Endurance

  6. Body alignment