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Pediatric Psychology

Neuropedia has the Best Child Psychologist in Dubai. Pediatric Neuropsychological Services at Neuropedia is dedicated to serving children and young people with developmental delay and learning needs. We have a team of highly qualified, European trained and Board certified Child Psychiatrist working alongside Child psychologists offering comprehensive neurocognitive evaluations for children with neuro-developmental, neurological, and conditions affecting learning and behavior. The Pediatric Psychologist offers intervention and treatment for various conditions and helps in developing comprehensive school and home-based treatment programmes.

Common conditions encountered and treated at our center include: (List not exhaustive)

  1. Pervasive development disorders e.g Autism, ASD, Asperger’s syndrome etc


  3. Language disorders

  4. Learning disabilities

  5. Psychiatric conditions

  6. Tics and Tourette syndrome

  7. Anxiety and Depression

  8. Behavioral disorders

  9. Psychosis

The assessment carried out by our team depends on child’s presenting symptoms and the management is tailored to each child’s individual needs. The following is a list of abilities that is commonly assessed at our center:

  1. Full scale IQ testing

  2. Conner’s questionnaire, ADOS, ADI

  3. Bayley’s assessment, WIPSC, WISC and WAIS

  4. Attention, Executive functions (such as planning, organizational skills), Processing speed

  5. Verbal memory, Visual memory, Visual perception, Visual-motor integration (such as eye-hand coordination, writing)

  6. Academic skills

  7. Behavioral and emotional functioning