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Why does your child need Speech Therapy?

15.03.2021 | 7:43 am
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Speech Therapy includes the evaluation and treatment of communication issues including speech disorders. Conducted by Speech Therapists, certain techniques help children overcome obstacles in communication. 

Why does your child require speech therapy?

Several speech disorders form in childhood, spurring the need for therapy. These include:

Articulation disorders

This disorder occurs when your child isn’t able to form specific sounds of words. The child might distort, drop, swap or add sounds. 

Fluency disorders

An example of a fluency disorder is stuttering. In this situation, your child’s speed, flow, and speech rhythm are affected. Interrupted or block speech is common.

Resonance disorders

Resonance disorders occur due to a blockage in your child’s nasal or oral cavities, changing the voice vibrations. This could lead to cleft palate, neurological issues, and swollen tonsils. 

Receptive disorders

When your child is unable to understand what another person is trying to say or might seem uninterested, they might have a receptive disorder. 

Expressive disorders 

In an expressive disorder, your child is unable to form proper sentences and might use the wrong verb tense. It forms a part of development delays.

Cognitive-communication disorders

Disorders caused due to brain injuries are cognitive-communication disorders. The resulting symptoms are memory loss, problem-solving issues, and speech delays.


Aphasia affects a person’s speech and understanding capabilities. Stroke and brain disorders are some of the main causes.


Dysarthria is a condition where our child might have slow or slurred speech due to restrictions on muscle control. The most common cause is a nervous system disorder or facial paralysis.

If your child is facing any of these speech disorders, book an appointment with expert therapists at Neuropedia for an evaluation.

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