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Pediatric Dietitian Dubai

Ms. Nida Khan is a DHA licensed and highly experienced Clinical Dietitian with expertise in the field of Nutrition and Lifestyle Management. She completed her Masters from Mumbai University, India in Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics in 2012 followed by 2 years of work experience at Sanjeev clinic as Clinical dietitian with Ketogenic Diet in epilepsy being the focus.

Presently working with Neuropedia as Pediatric Dietitian Dubai with a keen desire to help improve the quality of life of children by imparting the knowledge of healthy eating and implementing medical condition-specific therapeutic diet and not just limited to Epilepsy.

With good interpersonal and communication skills Nadia will be utilizing her experiences, capabilities and education to provide the best possible service to the patients and the community.

Specialty Description:

Counselling, planning and executing ketogenic diet for epilepsy.

Monitoring the growth of the children using the growth chart standards and planning a tailor-made diet for each patient.

Counselling and planning individualized diet for patients, which include weight management, eating disorders and other lifestyle disorders.