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Lalita Chouhan

I am a specialised physiotherapist with more than 7 year of UAE experience. I completed my bachelor of physiotherapy from Gulf medical University Ajman,UAE in 2012.

I have special interest in treating neuro developmental delay,movement disorder,sensory disorder,neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorder.

I have gained experience across various healthcare setting which includes paediatric and adult rehabilitation.

I have reputation for successfully implementing innovative and playful therapeutic strategies for early intervention and involving pediatric patient actively in their therapy for a more task oriented approach.

My work includes:-

-Performing detailed standardised assessment

-parent education and training

-developing individualised plan for therapeutic intervention.

-Applying treatment strategies such as Neuro developmental techniques,Gait training,gait correction,balance and coordination training,aerobic exercises,general muscle strengthing,functional training and task oriented motor relearning.

MY aim is to work for inclusion of kids with determination and their integration into society.