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Sleep is a behavior that is often overlooked by parents and clinician’s in day-to-day life. Sleep disorders have often have a major effect on the child’s daytime behavior, learning and health. The impact of disordered sleep in the child also falls onto parents and this is seen as lack of energy, marital conflicts, employment issues and social inter-relationships. We carry out a thorough evaluation at ACPN starting with a comprehensive sleep history, a through examination and then judicious use of investigative tools like EEG and Polysomnography. For children requiring ENT assessments appropriate referrals are made to trusted clinicians in partner centers. The most common cause of sleep problems in children is behavioural insomnia. In these cases appropriate advice is given to parents to establish a sleep routine and improve the sleep hygiene of their child. In some cases, medications are prescribed as an adjunct to help with modulation of sleep pattern.