Neuropedia Children’s Neuroscience Center is the first highly specialist pediatric neuroscience center in UAE, offering state-of-the-art expert care to children and young people across the UAE and GCC countries.

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Our Special Services

Pediatric Neurology

Neuropedia provides top rated and specialised pediatric neurologist in Dubai. A complete care for infants and childrens. Pediatric Neurologists understand that families may be searching for answers about a child’s condition or seeking the very best in treating a complex disorder. We have a team of UK Trained Consultant Pediatric Neurologists who will provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for babies, children and adolescents with disorders of the Brain, Spinal cord, Muscles and Nerves.

Child Neurodiagnostics

Neuropedia is the best Child NeuroDiagnostics Center in Dubai, it has a dedicated Neurophysiology laboratory where a team of highly qualified professionals carry out and interpret Neurophysiological tests in a child friendly manner. Our Neurodiagnostics center provides testing for of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. Below are the neurodiagnostic procedures we carry out in our laboratory. Electroencephalogram (EEG) Routine/Standard EEG Prolonged/Extended EEG Sleep EEG Ambulatory EEG Nerve Conduction Study .....

Pediatric Psychology

Neuropedia has the Best Child Psychologist in Dubai. Pediatric Neuropsychological Services at Neuropedia is dedicated to serving children and young people with developmental delay and learning needs. We have a team of highly qualified, European trained and Board certified Child Psychiatrist working alongside Child psychologists offering comprehensive neurocognitive evaluations for children with neuro-developmental, neurological, and conditions affecting learning and behavior. The Pediatric Psychologist offers intervention and treatment for.....

Pediatric Physiotherapy

The Child Physiotherapy Programme at Neuropedia is a unique therapy service led by European trained therapists working in conjunction with Pediatric Neurologists to ensure that the child reaches his/her maximum potential. Our Child Physio Therapy programme offers the latest evaluation and treatment techniques to improve function and quality of life for children with a variety of diagnoses and disabilities. We run weekly Multidisciplinary meetings with all therapists to assess and ensure that the child is achieving the outcome set out at the

Pediatric Feeding Therapy

Feeding Therapy at Neuropedia provides evidence-based service for infants, children and adolescents who exhibit difficulties with chewing, food aversions, oral sensory issues and swallowing. Our feeding therapy team commonly assist infants, children and adolescents with chewing and/or swallowing difficulties, poor oral-motor skills and sensory aversions through a multi-disciplinary team approach which includes the neurologists, paediatrician, speech therapist, dietician, occupational therapist and/or psychologists. We strongly believe

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy programme in Dubai at Neuropedia applies child-friendly specialist programmes to help your child reach his/her maximum potential with regards to independence in all activities e.g. self-help skills, feeding, dressing etc. They play a major role in understanding why a child may struggling to carry out specific tasks and devise a tailored treatment programme unique to every child. Our therapists in special circumstances would also visit an individual child’s home/school environment to understand the adaptations

Pediatric Behavioral Therapy (ABA)

“Treating the child with respect is the first step to getting the child help” Neuropedia offers the Best Pediatric Behavioral Therapy in Dubai. Behavioral therapy is a vital pillar of Pediatric Neuropsychological and Developmental management in children suffering with common behavioral disorders e.g. Autism, ADHD, ASD etc. Children with these disorders find it extremely difficult to develop social and communication with their peers and exhibit different behavior patterns poorly understood by lay people. These children need to have.....

Clinical Genetics

The Genetics Clinic at Neuropedia provides clinical care for children with genetic diseases. We provide clinical evaluation, genetic counseling, and genetic testing for children with suspected or confirmed genetic diseases. The link between neurological disorders and genetic abnormalities has been extensively researched and proven. More so in the case of individuals with symptoms of a neurological disorder or those with a family history of such diseases. Genetic testing can identify fluctuations in proteins, genes or chromosomes. Test.....

Speech And Language Therapy

"The ability to communicate is central to all that we do, to who we are, how we learn and how we relate to others" (Ross, Leeds Metropolitan University, 2007). Speech and language therapy at Neuropedia provides evidence-based service for all infants, children and adolescents who exhibit difficulties with expressive speech and receptive language communication, and auditory processing skills. We understand that if a child has communication delays, it may lead to neuropsychological problems, isolation, academic delays and frustration. Our.....


BrainRx or brain training is a unique, trusted and effective way to maximise your child's cognitive abilities. It is more than simple tutoring sessions that impart information. The process essentially changes the way the brain takes in and utilises information, improving a child's ability to reason, pay attention, learn and grasp concepts. Is your child showing signs of: Inattention or loss of focus Weak or Diminishing learning Failure to follow instructions Struggling with school work BrainRX combines.....


The aim within the UNITY Class programme is to provide an educational and therapeutic combined environment for children who require alternative curriculum pathways and/or require support in school readiness development. The therapists will work closely with the specialised class teacher in order to incorporate all academic and therapeutic goals into one setting for the child.....