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BrainRx or brain training is a unique, trusted and effective way to maximise your child’s cognitive abilities. It is more than simple tutoring sessions that impart information. The process essentially changes the way the brain takes in and utilises information, improving a child’s ability to reason, pay attention, learn and grasp concepts.

Is your child showing signs of:

  1. Inattention or loss of focus

  2. Weak or Diminishing learning

  3. Failure to follow instructions

  4. Struggling with school work

BrainRX combines personal and digital training to create permanent changes in the brain for improved performance and cognitive skills.

To Get Started, take a free no commitment screener to find out your child’s cognitive profile.

Brain training includes both personal one-on-one sessions with a coach and digital brain training on a computer. Sessions can happen onsite and online. It’s an enjoyable process – with game-like activities and exercises encouraging quicker improvement – significantly enhancing your child’s performance in school and everyday life.

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P.O. Box: 333685, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, UAE
Phone: 04 343 1113
Email: info@neuropedia.ae