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What Lack of Sleep Does to Your Child’s Mind

12.04.2021 | 12:17 pm
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Sleep is an important source of energy for both adults and children, however, a lack of sleep has major repercussions on kids.  

These include general irritation, a spike in stress levels, poor memory, learning problems and lack of motivation. It could also lead to bouts of anxiety and depression. 

The guidelines for sleep timings depends on your child. It is best to figure out a routine and then stick to it so that your child’s body gets used to it. In case something disrupts their routine, try to get back to a better one as soon as you can. 

How does a good night’s rest help your child?

-Enhanced creativity

-Better concentration

-Increased thinking skills and problem-solving

-Having the ability to make better decisions

-Better memory 

-More energy

-Maintaining better relationships with others

Symptoms of lack of sleep include:

-Unable to wake up in the morning or sleeping once again after waking up. 

-Continuously yawning during the day or wanting to nap. 

-Lying down all the time or falling asleep at school.

-Constantly wanting sugar or other stimulants. 

-General lack of motivation and forgetfulness.

-Increased stress and irritability.

If your child is unable to sleep, professional help might be required. Get in touch with experts at Neuropedia for further consultation. Call 04 343 1113 for more information.