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Are weak cognitive skills preventing your child reading success?

12.12.2019 | 6:40 am

Reading and comprehension largely rely upon the cognitive skills of a child. The weaker the cognitive abilities, the more it will prevent your child’s abilities. There is always a reason behind this.
In case your child is struggling to read or grasp basic concepts, there is a new and powerful approach to reading and comprehension. This method is used after cognitive skills testing. It is known as BrainRx Fluent, easy reading depends on strong cognitive skills. In fact, a study by the U.S.
Department of Education states that more than 80% of students who have reading difficulties also have cognitive weaknesses, especially in auditory processing.
The BrainRx program is a research-based system that first tests your child's cognitive abilities and then utilises a powerful sound-to code system to solve the problem of guesswork during reading. It challenges the symptoms of poor reading at the root.
One-on-One training with BrainRx could show improvement in as little as 24 weeks. The child’s underlying skills are first tested, and then a customization process ensures a bespoke and fun learning process, including the ability to remember what was read and absorbing new words with ease.
To find out more about BrainRx, get in touch with us.