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Homeschooling Pros and Cons

11.05.2021 | 10:49 am
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Homeschooling is the act of educating your children at home. It is a progressive movement that is becoming more popular, especially after the advent of the pandemic. Families around the world choose to homeschool for several reasons. 

Here are the pros and cons of homeschooling 

Time spent with family

Pros: You can spend more time with your child and check their daily learning, feeling satisfied that you play a role in this. As such your connection with your child becomes stronger.

Cons: It might be stressful to distance your personal feelings from their schooling and you also have lesser time to yourself. 

Overall costs

Pros: Even downtime can be a part of the curriculum and discounted learning packets can reduce costs.

Cons: Spending more time on homeschooling can reduce working time and income earned.


Pros: There are sports facilities around as well as community leagues.

Cons: Schools might not allow homeschoolers for sports teams and inter-school championships.

Social skills

Pros: Bullying is reduced by a lot, and children can connect with friends in the community. Also, such children have more exposure to adults and there is an acceleration of practical skill-building. 

Cons: Might be tougher to makes friends in the same age group. 

Flexibility and freedom

Pros: In homeschooling, the curriculum is far more flexible and can be taken at their pace. You don’t have to give your child homework and can make them do fun extracurriculars instead. Moreover, you can focus on subjects that interest your child more.

Cons: Resources found at a school would not be available. It is also not as well structured as a school. 


Pros: Children would value learning more than achievements.

Cons: Children might be motivated less.

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