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Hi Rasmus

12.08.2020 | 9:18 am
Behavioral Therapists for Autism

Introducing Hi Rasmus – a Technology-Based Platform Uniting Parents with Behavioral Therapists for Autism

Attaining evidence-based autism treatment, anytime, anywhere is a highly valuable resource to have. Moreover, Autism requires skilled therapists and specialists for treatment, and families are often made to move to find the right fit.

Hi Rasmus shortens that gap by providing accessible high-quality therapy for families across the globe, effectively eliminating the distance through remote sessions.

The program is bespoke for the treatment of autism, right from ABA, PRT, ESDM or others. Furthermore, it infuses a human element with constant supervision and communication.

Named after the founder’s son, Rasmus, the primary goal of this technology is to be a boon for children with autism, helping them lead a fulfilling life. As such, behavioral therapists and parents unite for a better world.

Key Points:

-Hi Rasmus communicates with parents in total unison and collaboration, including the timely sharing of schedules, programs, and sessions.
-Data collection is made simpler and so is analysis.
-Along with remote supervision, the program is customized for home and inclusive environments.
-Supports evidence-based methods such as ABA, PRT, ESDM, and more.